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Welcome to the place where I sometimes put various bits and pieces to share with the world.

Cloud Based Services offering FreeBSD OS Images for VPS hosts

I've recently run across a cloud based provider who offers FreeBSD as one of their VPS server choices, starting as low as $10/month. They offer instant provisioning, and you can change the OS used on the fly (they have a a ton of images to choose from for the various *nix distributions out there), and have 11 data centers across the world (US, Asia and Europe).

Tibbits that I have done

This site has various things that I've done and haven't put anywhere else.

NetKill 1.1.3 Beta

This is a progam I wrote a long time ago in Visual Basic 6. It lets you send the shutdown/reboot command to multiple Windows machines on your local network.

SuSE 10 NetInst CD

I took the 32 bit boot disks, recombined them and made a 10 megs .ISO file that is ideal for booting systems without DVD or floppy drive in preparation to do a network install of SuSE 10. An MD5 hash of the .ISO is included in the archive.

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